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When you schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Reno, Nevada, you should come prepared with specific questions for us to address.

When any fatal accident occurs, it is important to speak to an attorney to determine if you have a potential case and what rights you have. Kidwell & Gallagher understands how difficult and emotionally exhausting these situations can be. Still, we will do everything we can to find the exact cause of your loved one’s death, determine who is responsible, and hold them accountable for their actions.

Our attorneys will also handle all forms of communication with insurance companies. We do this because anything you say to insurance companies can and most likely will be used against you, which could affect the results of your case. Insurance companies are known to offer individuals lower amounts than they deserve. Therefore, if you choose a wrongful death attorney from our firm, you will never have to worry about signing or saying the wrong information. 

Lastly, we have the experience to investigate these types of cases and the skills to show how your loved one’s death impacted your life. One of the methods we use to do this is by reaching out to professionals who can help us build stronger arguments against the defendants. Some examples of the professionals we may use are accountants, doctors, nurses, psychologists, safety experts, law enforcement, and more.

Finding the best wrongful death lawyer in Reno will increase your chances of receiving compensation for the wrongful death of your spouse or family member. While you can certainly represent yourself in any type of case, a wrongful death case can quickly become tricky and complex. That is why hiring an attorney who knows how to navigate the legal process and understands the laws surrounding wrongful deaths is recommended.

At Kidwell & Gallagher, we have two of the finest Reno wrongful death lawyers you can count on. They are aware of the stresses and hardships you are experiencing, such as how to pay for your loved one’s medical and funeral costs, how to continue getting by and paying bills without the help of their income, and how to move forward with your life without them. As a result, both attorneys are very compassionate and understanding, and we will do our best to take some of the pressures of the legal process off you. While you focus on getting back on your feet, we will handle the hurdles and challenges of your case and only reach out when needed.

Ultimately, we believe you will see how much we care about our clients and how hard we work to stand up for their rights. Talk to an experienced Reno wrongful death lawyer from our office today to build a case for compensation after the tragic loss of a loved one.


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